Chance to win stuff! Here’s fun for readers of romance novels: chances to win books or cool stuff in the Isn’t It Romantic Book Club’s Fall Into A Book giveaway on Friday, September 23, 2022. That’s the only day to enter.  

Over 200 authors are participating. Each will decide what prize or prizes they’ll award. I’ll be offering four of my entrants a choice of whichever one of my seven published works (An Unsuitable Duchess, Most Secret, Captain Easterday’s Bargain, A Masked Earl, A Duke’s Daughter, Portia & the Merchant of London, A Westminster Wedding) they’d like, either as an ebook or print copy.

Here’s how it works. Join the Isn’t It Romantic Book Club by going to

On Friday, September 23, participating authors will post something about themselves and their books and (this is the important part) will have something that calls for a response from you. It might be a game to play or a question to answer or something else.

I’ll be posing you four easy opinion questions. Post your answer. The next day, September 24, I’ll notify my four winners. Hope to see you there!   

And in other news:

A Peculiar Enchantment will be released on December 6, 2022. Despite the title and the cover, it’s a traditional historical romance, not paranormal or fantasy. The tag line is, “Love is the most peculiar enchantment.” ARCs will be available for review on Netgalley the entire month of December.

A Peculiar Enchantment, traditional romance, will be released 12/22/2022.

Published by Kathleen Buckley

Kathleen Buckley writes traditional historical romance (no explicit sex) set in England in the 1740s. The characters are not always aristocrats, not always handsome or beautiful, and sometimes actually work for a living. She avoids ballrooms and tea parties and likes to get her historical details right.

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