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An Unsuitable Duchess takes place from September, 1739 to June, 1740. London can be dangerous for a young lady of inquiring mind. The new Duke of Guysbridge formerly poor, cynical, and carefree finds himself involved in a plot against a young lady up from the country.  Can he safeguard her reputation and repair his own?

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A Westminster Wedding takes place from April, 1740 to June, 1740.

The Barding earldom may be doomed. A shocking suggestion might provide another potential heir. To protect her family’s reputation, Julia St. John, daughter of a baron, has given up everything to live in obscurity with an illegitimate son. She has no better future in sight, until Barding’s man of business offers a possible solution and a new life…at the price of a few more lies. Available at:

Captain Easterday’s Bargain, 3rd place, Historical Novel

Captain Easterday’s Bargain takes place from July, 1740 to September, 1740.

In the cutthroat Pool of London shipping trade, Olivia may be in over her head. Which of her two suitors will save her—the captain or the former pirate? Available at:

A Masked Earl takes place from November, 1740 to May, 1741. There are two claimants to an earldom, one of them from London’s criminal underbelly. Then there’s Aurelia, a ruined spinster who hunts facts as French pigs hunt truffles.

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A Duke’s Daughter takes place from January, 1741 to April, 1741. Can a duke be thrown into debtor’s prison? If so, Emily wonders what will become of her? Ambrose Hawkins, shipper and importer, settles for a duke’s daughter who can further his social ambitions. Then a man who blames Hawkins for the failure of his own courtship is murdered. Hawkins is the obvious suspect…and the obvious suspect usually hangs.  Available at:

August, 1741. When her father has a stroke, Portia wonders where her brother’s tuition is to come from. Then a moneylender comes to call. Who would think rescuing a lady could be so complicated? Available at:

Most Secret takes place from August, 1745 to September, 1745. Alex Gordon, discovering Jacobite activity, is told to leave it to the professionals. But the professionals have no stake in saving his friend Jane from the gallows or her brother Rupert from a charge of treason. Finalist, Historical Fiction, OKRWA IDA 2018; finalist, Romance, 2019 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Available at:

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