Spring, 2023: some tidbits and a cover reveal

I did promise not to bombard your inboxes. Four times a year seems like enough (personally, I’m not fond of weekly updates from anyone). But as I’ve got some news to share, this seemed like a good time.

I also just discovered some of you are getting this blog for the first time although you actually subscribed some time ago. I’m a newbie at setting up and sending a newsletter so some of your subscriptions failed to import correctly.

Now, since this is the Spring edition, here’s a fact that I find troublesome but can’t ignore: in the period I write in, the year did not begin on January first. Great Britain did not switch to the Gregorian calendar until 1752. Under the Julian calendar,  March 25th was the first day of the new year. This wasn’t a problem until my current work-in-progress (working title: Misplaced Treasures, though it may change to A Peculiar Refuge). Part of the action begins before the new year; the next part begins after. I would usually start off the first chapter with a heading like, February, 1739 or whatever. But when the next chapter takes place in two months later, April, 1740 would be confusing, so I’ll probably have to move the first part up to just after March 25.

News: I have the cover art for my ninth historical romance/historical fiction (depending on whether you insist on steamy bedroom scenes or not). I don’t have a release date yet but By Sword and Fan should be out in a few months.

Published by Kathleen Buckley

Kathleen Buckley writes traditional historical romance (no explicit sex) set in England in the 1740s. The characters are not always aristocrats, not always handsome or beautiful, and sometimes actually work for a living. She avoids ballrooms and tea parties and likes to get her historical details right.

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